Certified Coding Professional (Physician & Hospital)
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coding professional



Medical Coders work in physicians’ offices, hospital, urgent care center, billing companies, insurance companies and many more places. Their main duty is to specifically review patient reports and accurately code using current procedural terminology and international classification of disease. Medical coders must accurately code for processing claims and must ensure that the codes used are active and current, moreover, the medical coder must also stay updated with changes in the medical codes.

Medical Coders must follow Coding procedures and guidelines. They collaboratively work with billing departments to process claims and communicate with insurance companies in reference to coding related issues. Medical Coders are also required to contact providers as needed with questions on treatments and procedures.


Candidates registering for the exam must qualify in (at-least 1) of the GROUPS (A or B or C) as shown below. Training and experience may be completed within united states of america or outside united states of america. 



Training or


(Nationally or Internationally)



Have work experience





Must submit proof of education or experience.


Medical Coder Skills

  • Communication Skills (Verbal and Written)

  • Computer Skills

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Accurately Code Using CPT

  • Accurately Code Using ICD

  • Follow Coding Procedures and Guidelines

  • Have Knowledge of Modifiers

  • Communicate with Provider, Patient, Insurance

  • Stay Updated with Changes in Codes

  • Ensure all Codes Used are Current and Active

Exam Test Plan

The exam content topic includes the following:

  1. Medical Terminology

  2. ICD 10 Coding

  3. CPT Coding

  4. HCPCS Level II Coding

  5. CMS 1500 and UB-04



AECA believes in continuing education more frequently so that the candidate can have a constant touch with knowledge, Candidate’s are required to attend the continuing education units / credits every year to renew their certification.


Certification is required to be renewed annually.

On submitting a renewal application the candidate will receive an email with links to CEUs that must be completed and submitted online. 

Fee Schedule for Renewal

Renewal Fee: $50


Certification that are expired must apply for reinstatement.

If you wish to apply to reinstate your expired certification you may proceed by submitting a reinstatement application. 


Fee Schedule for Reinstatement

Expired Less than 1 Year: $99  

Expired More than 1 Year but Less than 2 Years: $199