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AECA is an independent certification body certifying candidate in various fields. As an employer, you want to hire the right candidate. AECA shares this goal by testing the candidate on a knowledge-based exam. The candidate by testing and passing the exam displays that he/she has the knowledge in the chosen field. 

Highlights about AECA Credentialing.........

Being certified demonstrates that the candidate is committed towards superior professionalism. For the candidate to attempt an exam, AECA requires an authorization from the academic institution or training facility about candidates’ course of study, upon which the candidate is eligible to appear for the certification exam/or if the candidate is applying through experience than the employer must submit an employment verification form to AECA.   



AECA exams are developed under strict standards to maintain the quality and security of the exam contents. Steps are taken to ensure that the AECA Certification exams are administered under secured standards to maintain the security of the exam during the entire session of the exam. AECA exam are conducted in the presence of a proctor.



Maintaining the credentials demonstrate that the candidate is committed towards continued learning. AECA offers continuing education to its certified candidates. Credentialed candidate’s must complete their required continuing education unit to maintain their certification(s). Certified candidates are required to re-certify every 2 years to maintain their active status with AECA.



AECA provides an option to candidates to add-on credentials within their field. Adding more credentials establishes the candidate as a continuous learner, many employers would want an employee that never wants to stop learning, as we know learning creates a value unto itself. Apart from adding value to the candidate’s profile, having multiple credentials also provides a competitive edge to the candidate career.   





Our main mission is to certify candidates on the basis of knowledge gained from the training program from an
institution or by experience in the field. 


To add recognition in the field of certifications and upgrade the quality of exam security and development.


Our values are based on integrity, commitment, leadership & teamwork.